Welcome to my new website !

Hi, everyone! Welcome to my new website/blog. Super excited to have an avenue where I have an option to express, inform, and recommend things I believe in. Honestly, I didn’t think I was going to do a website now…but here I am!

Why the website? Well, unfortunately, my Instagram account was affected by the recent app issue a month ago. I did the steps in reporting the issue, figured just wait it out and it’ll fix itself…and it did!

During the days my account wasn’t at its capacity I quickly realized how vulnerable I felt and can lose what I have worked so hard on in a matter of seconds. So I took a step forward and decide to create a platform to expand my creativity, knowledge, and my love for the coffee community. I absolutely love Instagram and will continue to do my daily posts, reply to comments, and answer my DM’s.

I’m looking forward to hearing your comments on Instagram, your emails here and will answer your messages as quickly as I can. Look out for fun “giveaways”, new posts, fun art exclusively for the website, and see what products I’m currently crazy about! Talk to you all soon!