Two Hands Up!

Two Hands is a cafe you keep wanting to come back to. Great food, great service, and great vibe! What I realize is regardless of how busy they are, their staff is all super sweet. It doesn’t matter if you’re just walking in to grab a cup of coffee to go or dining in and ordering a table full of food…you are guaranteed to be treated nicely. Love the atmosphere and a perfect cafe to grab brunch with a friend. If you get a chance, check out their Instagram account or #TwoHands and you’ll be drooling over all the pictures posted. If you’ve read about them you’ll know that this cafe was and still is featured all over Instagram. Truly benefited by the photogenic food craze (the birth of food selfies). If you’re in NY, you’ll have to stop by and try their avo “scramble” toast and the Bacon & egg Sambo…a great egg sandwich! For something a little sweet…their banana bread is perfect with a cup of coffee.