Le Marais Bakery & Bistro Fall treats!

The Fall Fairy came by today and delivered Le Marais Bakery & Bistro 2017 Fall menu! Each year Le Marais creates a special menu for the holiday season. Limited availability so I recommend you stop by the bakery to taste these goodies. This year they are featuring:

Farmers Market Pumpkin Tartlet – house-made pumpkin pureed topped with rosemary pepitas crumble & mascarpone chantilly.

Poached Pear & Spiced Franggipane Tartlet – topped with powdered sugar & edible flower garnish.

Rye Spiced Ganache Tartlet – made with rye sable, spiced 70% ganache and maple 35% cremeux, raw sugar crumble and gold pearls.

Carrot Entrement – features layers of cinnamon cream cheese icing, walnut ganache, and house-made spiced carrot jam.

This season they are featuring Pumpkin Coconut cookie with cocoa nibs and Maple Pecan cookie.

Le Marias Bakery & Bistro

498 Sanchez Street

2066 Chestnut Street