I have my sights set on Sightglass Coffee

Living in the city I often feel spoiled about the many options in selecting my next cup of morning coffee. I’ve never been an expert at brewing my own coffee at home. I go the simple route…simple black coffee. This is why I enjoy visiting cafes to get my lattes, cappuccinos, cortados just to name a few. Sightglass Coffee is pretty well known here in the city and is adored by locals as well as people coming into SF. Currently, there are 5 locations SFMOMA, Ferry Building, Mission, SOMA, and the most recent one on Divisadero & Page. Why do I love this cafe so much I ask myself? For me, it’s not just about that cup of coffee (although a great cup of coffee is high on my list), it’s the entire process and experience. I try to always make time to at least spend 15 to 30 minutes enjoying my cup of coffee before I head out and tackle the day. If I’m lucky I’d sit for an hour sipping my coffee, enjoying my cookie or croissant and take in the atmosphere. Oh, and let’s not forget, taking a picture to post on IG. Always for the gram right?! At Sightglass you’re guaranteed all that and more. In my opinion, it’s one of the most well-designed cafes in SF. Of course, not everyone is into the design but regardless if they are waiting in line, sitting for a few minutes to answer a text, or grabbing a cup from the takeout window at the Divis location it’s always a pleasant experience. So far I’ve been lucky and never had a bad cup of coffee or unpleasant experience. I always leave with a smile and honestly can’t wait to come back. If you’re visiting SF take the time to check out one of their cafes and would be fun to hear your feedback.


SOMA – 270 7th Street

MISSION – 3014 20th Street

DIVISADERO – 301 Divisadero Street

SFMOMA – 151 3rd Street

FARMERS MARKET – 1 Ferry Building (Tues & Sat)