Brooklyn’s Charm

In need of an escape from the hustle of New York City? Come by this charming cafe situated on a quaint street in Brooklyn. The moment you see their front door you know you’re walking into old world European charm. And guess what? It definitely is! You’re greeted by this long rustic farm table with mix and match chairs and along the side is the pastry counter filled with everything your heart desires. It’s like reliving a European flea market, or that cafe you stumbled into while on a cobblestone street. I can’t help but fall in love with their wall design. Its a mixture of wildflowers, roses, eggplants and a large pumpkin that captured my eyes. It’s such an inspiration for me to recreate this cafe setting on my recent stop-motion video on Instagram. The pastries are like something your grandma made and let’s not forget the dishes and china they use…its all mix and match vintage china! If I was a little girl I would beg my mom to take me here every Sunday for a weekly tea party just me and my mom. I hope one day you guys can experince this precious cafe and truly see for your self the charm it has to offer.

Bakeri Brooklyn –

105 Freeman St

150 Wythe Avenue

627 East 6th Street